Adding applications to "Send to" menu - Windows

Send To

When you right-click a file, a context menu pops up for that file. The “Send to” option in the menu allows you to send the file to printer, or open with another program you don’t normally use. All you have to do is add the program to the “Send to” option in the menu. There are already some programs that appear in the default send to menu, however most of the time the application you want isn’t there. Below, I am going to show you how to add items to the right-click send to menu.

To remove or add your own items (shortcuts) easily, simply navigate to the following directory to find all ‘Send To’ items:


Navigating to this directory can be a headache for some. The quicker way to access the ‘Send To’ directory is:

  1. Hit [WIN]+R keys – this should launch Windows Run
  2. Type “shell:sendto” in Search/Windows Run without the quotes and hit [Enter


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