Ring Video Doorbell – ding dong ditch?

I’m sure you guys have heard of Ring Video Doorbell by now, seeing as they have so many commercials, and the bell has been out for a while. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s okay, just watch the video above to get a description of the product or visit their website. It’s basically a doorbell with a camera on it, that is connected to your wireless network. Every time someone ring’s the bell, your phone will buzz/notify you that there is someone at the door. At which point you can pick up your phone, and answer (or ignore) based on who it is at your door. You can speak with the person directly through your phone as well. The best part is the person at the door can’t see you, so you can tell the you’re out somewhere. Here is the “Ring Story” (from the box):

..If not for my wife, the Ring Video Doorbell would not exist.
Inventors come up with a lot of bad ideas and she has heard them all. One night I shared my idea for reinventing the doorbell.
She loved it! Not just for the obvious convenience, but for the security of now being able to safely answer the door from anywhere. She said, “This is like caller ID for the front door.”
I hope that you enjoy the Ring Video Doorbell as much as we do, and I look forward to hearing your stories about the product
. — Jamie Siminoff, Inventor

I agree with Jamie’s wife, this is definitely like a caller ID for your front door. It offers security for you and your family. These days, the peep-hole just isn’t enough. Our homes have to become smarter, just like everything else we utilize is becoming smarter. This video doorbell is just one step towards a smarter home. By “smart” I mean technologically advanced. I’m surprised they didn’t name this the “SmartBell.” 😉

I use this product myself, and it has brought me some more peace of mind. If you’re like me, you keep your phone nearby most of the time even at home. If you live in a big house, sometimes it’s hard to hear the chime in the basement, but with the Ring Doorbell my phone rings as well. If it’s the UPS guy I can pickup my phone and just tell him to leave the package. If it’s just a kid trying to sell me vinyl replacement windows, I can just hit “ignore” button on the screen and hope he goes away. If it’s some kids playing ding-dong-ditch, I don’t have to drop what i’m doing and fall for it.

Since having the bell installed I haven’t had a single ding dong ditch scenario. Which is also why I believe the Ring Video doorbell can be a good thief deterrent. More than likely in breaking and entering scenarios, the perpetrator will ring your doorbell before attempting to break in–knowing that the doorbell has a camera, he/she may shy away. I have had my apartment broken into in college with over $2000 worth of my gear stolen, which is why home security is a big concern for me. My advice is, don’t wait for it to happen to you.


The only thing required to be able to use the doorbell is a Wi-Fi internet connection and an Iphone or Android to download and use the Ring app. Everything for the install is included!

Box Includes:

  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Tools required to install the bell:
    • Screwdriver
    • Drill bit
    • A tubular spirit level


Dimensions 4.98 in x 2.43in x 0.87in
Camera 720P HD
Field of View 180 degrees
Audio two-way audio with noise cancellation
Encryption “Bank-grade”
Night Vision Infrared LEDs
Operating Temperature -5 to 120 F
Warranty 1 year on parts, lifetime purchase protection


Installs in minutes – no professional help or special tools required.

I couldn’t have said it any better. The install is fairly easy. You download the Ring app for your phone (available on Android and Iphone) and follow the directions to setup the doorbell. Then the install is as simple as turning off the electricity that powers your original doorbell (or your whole house in my case). Then unscrew your old doorbell and connect the wires to the Ring Doorbell. Screw everything on securely and you’re done. A novice can install this. The only tricky part is that if you have an “electronic” chime, then you need to install a little diode (included). I didn’t have to use it, but installing the diode is easy as well. I was going to make an install video, however the nice people over at Ring also have a really easy DIY install video available on their website, plus there are plenty on Youtube as well.

Here is a basic install video:

The Ring Doorbell also has a motion detection system that alerts you should an object move. It is very easy to setup, although I do not use it too much it is a neat feature:

I have to admit that I only tried the motion detection system once, and it got really annoying. I don’t have a big front yard, so anyone walking their dog, or driving-by would make my phone ring. The function seems like it would benefit home owners with a bigger lawn. To setup motion detection, you just open the Ring app, goto “motion settings” and select which zones you want to monitor. As you can see in the picture below, there are 6 zones. You can simply select which zones you want to monitor and on left you can adjust the distance (up to 30 feet):

Live View!

The Ring team has finally added Live View. To my surprise it’s actually a free feature. It’s a neat and easy to use feature — just open the Ring app, select the Ring doorbell, and select “Live View”. The video feed is sent directly to your phone via the app, and you can even hit the “Talk” button to talk out of your bell no matter where you are — at home, the gym, the grocery store, wherever you have mobile data coverage. That being said, you will be charged by your carrier for the bandwidth you use. It is also a neat way to check whose going in and out of your house, or even cutting across your lawn, without them knowing.


Compared to my original bell and peep-hole setup, this is far more technologically advanced. Multiple phones can be added to the Ring doorbell so it works for the entire family. Live View is a neat feature that has been added recently (2016). The only downside is their backup and recording services also cost a subscription fee and registration with https://ring.com/. It does an excellent job serving its purpose as a video doorbell, and as a great security device. Although if you’re worried about your home or family, this probably shouldn’t be your only security device in my opinion. Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell system is a great technology addition to your “smart” home. It’s definitely a keeper — especially if you have issues with kids “ding, dong, and ditching” your house late nights. Once again, very easy to install, setup and use.

2 thoughts on “Ring Video Doorbell – ding dong ditch?

    1. That’s great! I’m sure there are cheaper options and may work out great for some people. Overall Ring had good reviews and excellent customer service. They apparently did a good job advertising their product last holiday season. After all I believe this “invention” is an old idea recycled and made more affordable for the average person/home owner. Similar products have been around for years for business security and the wealthy. Impulse buy 🙂 lol

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