Powerful "power user" menu - Windows

Are you a power user?

Although I have been using Windows since Windows 95, this feature is relatively new (atleast to me) so I thought I would share.

The Power User Menu is available in Windows 8 and in Windows 10. It is a menu that allows you the user to access management/configuration/etc. “power user” Microsoft Window tools.

To open the Power User Menu, just press the WINDOWS + X (WIN+X):

[win] + X – Power User Menu
The above menu should appear in place of the start menu.  The menu can also be customized by modifying the contents of the various folders located here:


Or, by accessing the Windows registry (run > regedit.exe) and modifying the contents here:


That being said, please be careful and backup your registry if you do make any changes.  I am not responsible if you end up changing the wrong items in the registry.

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