Oh yeah? Lets go to the dash cam! DashCamPro review

I actually wasn’t interested at all in purchasing a car dash cam. I was in the market for a Go-Pro to take some action shots. I ended up seeing the commercial for the “DashCamPro” and I figured it was pretty neat, especially for the price. But I have had experience with similar “As Seen on TV” products, and they do not generally work as advertised and/or die quick because of poor/cheap-quality materials when manufacturing. Generally the commercials market these items and make them look better then they actually are. The video quality was amazing in the commercial, but I’m sure I missed the small font, “screen images simulated” somewhere during the commercial. It seemed too good to be true:

This is the ad from their website. $39.99!

I figured, what’s $40.00? Even if it doesn’t make the best videos, I will have some type of security device for my car, and if I ever get pulled over, the dash cam will record my conversation with the officer. So I went ahead and logged into their website: https://www.buydashcampro.com/ and ordered myself a DashCamPro. However, once I proceeded to checkout, they offer you around 10 other services/upgrades (such as expedited order processing, an extra battery, SD Card, etc.) before you actually finish checking out. I didn’t need any of the extra things — well besides the extra battery. The website itself said the original battery doesn’t last that long so I upgraded the battery for a few extra dollars. That being said, be very careful when ordering from their website–You don’t want to see your credit card statement and realize you signed up for some monthly service. It almost seems like they are selling you the dash cam cheap, and are hoping to make their money by trying to sell you other accessories/services for it.


When I recieved the camera (about a month later), it was in a white box. When you opened the box, everything was basically just tossed in there in separate plastic packaging — the camera in one, the car adapter in the other, battery in the other, car mount in another, etc. Since I ordered the extra longer-lasting battery, that was tossed in there as well (in a small box). I will provide a picture of the packaging here.


Overall the camera feels like it’s made out of cheap plastic and will break on you sooner then later. The plastic tabs on the sides are bound to break — behind the tabs is a SD card slot and the other side is the cable for the USB (mini 2.0) connection. The USB is used to either transfer content from camera to computer, or to provide the DashCamPro with power from the 12v power source in your car. The car charging/power adapter has a very long cord — which get’s kind of annoying if you’re just mounting it to your front windshield. This however, was not a problem because I had many shorter USB cables lying around. The car mount itself seems very good — but even that is starting to come apart on me. The nut that you spin to tighten the camera to the mount is not working properly. I have to adjust it from time to time because the nut comes off the threads when you over-tighten it. The battery upgraded battery does not last 2 hours.

As seen in the pictures above, there are 2 menu’s: Video Settings and System Settings. The menu’s are easy to navigate with the 4 buttons below the screen. The Video menu allows you to control Resolution, Time-Stamp, Motion Detect, Video Time, Voice Record and Screen Saver.
The DashCamPro also allows Photo and Audio only recording modes. I haven’t had a chance to test all the features, but the sound recording isn’t the best either. The instruction manual, however is very easy to follow.

Video Quality

The main feature of the product is obviously to record videos, and record sounds. I haven’t played with the settings enough, but the quality it is set to is ‘720p’ by default, and it looks good on the DashCamPro screen. Transferring the movies on your computer, however, it looks more standard definition then anything else. Looks like the early day flip-phones, when the camera’s were low quality. Obviously the bigger you make the video viewing screen (Windows Media Player), the uglier it looks. I mean, I didn’t expect this camera to produce Go-Pro quality videos, however, the quality is horrible unless the size is kept small. After all, a Go-Pro is an action cam, while this is a dash cam, and at around $40, you wouldn’t really worry too much about thieves stealing it from your car.

Also, by default, the DashCamPro is set to record 1-minute clips (adjustable via settings – 1/3/5/10 mins) of you driving on the SD card you insert — It has no built in memory. After it fills up all the memory on your SD card, DashCamPro will automatically start over-writing the older videos (Loop Mode). This is one of the main reasons it’s considered a dash cam. If something does happen, and you happen to get it on camera, you can just find that clip versus having to sift through an entire single video. It also has night-mode and shoots fairly decent.

The DashCamPro records movies in .avi format which is encoded using a codec that is not standard in Windows 10. Therefore, you must download another player, or download the “K-Lite Codec Pack” from Here.

As you can see from the video posted above, the camera doesn’t necessarily have the best “720p” quality. Even the sound recorded is kind of muffled (ignore the music lol). This video also demonstrates that the dash cam will also has an option turn off date/time, and in this video it is set to ON.



  • Very cheap compared to other dash cams
  • Night mode
  • Provides security/evidence should something happen


  • Poor quality video (even at 720p)
  • Cheaply made material
  • Battery dies quickly – need to keep plugged in for long rides

Overall I think the DashCamPro is a good investment for $40, but just don’t expect it to make the high-definition videos it shows in the commercials. The videos can be very “pixelated” and hard to watch. It works well for a security device should someone hit your car, but only if it’s facing the direction of the incident. I also like that it will record voice if you get pulled over (and even video, if I want to turn the camera towards the cop), which can be useful in legal matters should there be any. For now, I have my DashCamPro hooked up to my front windshield and plugged in to my car using a shorter USB cable then they provided. It will automatically turn on and start recording when it is plugged in, however on battery, you have to manually set it to record. So when you shut-off your car to go into the grocery store, you have to re-power the dash cam so it can run off its internal rechargeable battery, otherwise it will cut-off with the car.

I have only had the DashCamPro for about a month so far, I will update this review once I get some more good usage out of it. But for now, even though there are a few drawbacks, and some advertising is I think it’s worth the $39.99 + Shipping.

Do you have a DashCamPro? If so, please tell us your opinion on it.

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