Official Arduino Kit for beginners - make you a maker

There are so many Arduino kits in the market which you can purchase. If you are new to Arduino, the choices can be overwhelming. They have kits on Amazon and kits on Ebay, but where do you get started?

I recently read a great article over at before making any recommendations. There are 4 kits the site compares:


  • The Official Arduino Starter Kit
  • The Sunfounder Super Kit
  • Sparkfun Inventors Kit
  • The ARDX Starter Kit

My Selection

The Official Arduino Starter Kit

I chose because I have read and even viewed sample pages from the book and it’s very colorful and in detail. It explains all the parts for you and get’s you started from simple projects, and it then builds from previous chapters as you go along. It helps the beginner learn in a very systematic approach. The kit also comes with a “wooden” board that you can screw your UNO and breadboard on to. The kit is amazing and worth it.

The Official Arduino Kit is fairly “noob” friendly. If you have some coding experience like me, then some of the beginning tutorials in the book can kind of get boring — but they are important to understanding electricity and how circuits work. All the components are fairly cheap, it’s the book that you are paying for when you purchase these kits. The book that comes with this kit is completely printed in full color and all the parts you need for the projects (total of 15 projects) are included in the Official Arduino Starter Kit. It is cheaper than ever before and there are some great deals on Amazon (under $80) shipped.

The Sunfounder Super Kit

The best kit for programmers who want more experience with electronics, the Sunfounder Super Kit is recommended. The kit is cheaper (~$50), however the book doesn’t do that well of a job defining the programming logic, rather it spends time showing you more about building electronic circuits.

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