Do you know where your phone is? Find it now with Google!

Did you know you can use Google to located your Android phone?

This feature has been around for years now, however it seems that a lot of people either don’t know about it, or just forget to use it. I’m going to quickly go over how the setup your phone so you can locate it next time using Android Device Manager.

First, you have to enable “Remotely locate this device” option and “Allow remote lock and erase”. To do this, simply find the app that says “Google Settings” and go to “Security”. Also, make sure “Location” is turned ON as well.

Google Security settings

Please make sure you have your Google account added to your Android device, otherwise this will not work.

Once enabled, open a browser and navigate to Android Device Manager on your computer:

Locating…takes about a minute

Displays phone on map

As you can see, Google is fairly accurate and you can also “Lock” or “Erase” your phone. Google Android Device Manager located my phone within 14 meters of where it really is.

This is an excellent service, offered by Google, for Android users. The best part about it, it’s FREE! So next time you misplace your phone, or leave it in the bathroom at work, you can easily jump on a computer and locate it. A friend of mine actually had his phone stolen and was able to located it with this neat feature. He got the approximate location from Google maps and found some guy at the local bus stop, attempting to use his phone. He then called the cops from his girlfriends cell phone and was able to get his phone back.

If you are having issues with Android Device Manager hanging, please try another web browser. I recommend using Google Chrome, as it performs the best with Google applications. I tested Android Device Manager in Firefox as well and it works fine.

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