Stop Drop and block Popup ads! Quick and easy method.

It is impossible to browse the internet these days without running into advertisement. However, developers spend a lot of time putting together their website, and they deserve that money, right? Right…but not when they abuse their “power”. That’s right, some developers misuse advertising and get greedy, and cover your screen with more ads than actual content and popups. Don’t you hate those pop ups? You accidentally click the wrong link and before you know it, your computer is full of popup ads!

My number one favorite tool to block ads is the Adblock Plus extension available at It is just an extension which is available for most browsers (including IE, Chrome and Firefox), and very quick and easy to install. My favorite part about it (besides it being completely free), is that it functions as a part of the browser, instead of being a stand-alone application. It is an excellent tool to block tracking, malware domains, banners, pop-ups, and video ads. It works on those annoying Youtube and Facebook ads as well.

The extension itself is also configurable to allow non-intrusive ads to show up. Adblock by itself does not do anything, it needs “filter list” of rules that are written to stop ads. By default, Adblock Plus sets up functionality with “EasyList”, which is a list of ads and rules generated by the community. Although you can add custom rules and custom lists as well by going into “options”, it works great right out of the box (after the install) and nothing more needs to be done. It will automatically start to remove obstructive advertisements, and popups via a community generated and maintained list of rules. To download and use other managed lists, please visit the Subscriptions page. Here you can find custom lists that have been created to block ads, scam sites, or malware. You can also do a google search for other lists. You may need to restart the browser after the initial install.

Adblock Plus options


Adblock Plus is a very powerful tool and can help keep you and your computer protected. Popups can be intrusive and can lead you to download malware, virus, or unwanted software. Please make sure you install Adblock Plus before browsing the net. It can save a lot of pain and heartache later on. Some websites have so many popups that it can slow down and hinder your machine’s performance.

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